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Treating Sports Injuries

Treating “sports people” is very rewarding. Patients want to get better quickly and back to their sport activities. We can provide you with the treatment, help and advice to achieve this.

Sports specific.

Some sports injuries can be sports specific or just tend to have injuries associated with them. Runners knee, golfers elbow, are common. Specific injuries such as Achilles Tendon, cruciate ligament strain and others may also be associated with some sports such as footballers and sprinters.

Effective treatment.

Treatment therefor must be effective for strains and sprains of every joint, muscle, tendon and ligament in the body and for every sport. It is designed to relieve symptoms, reduce pain and discomfort, reduce the inflammatory process and promote tissue healing. The pain is more often than not a result of localised swelling of tissue, which then creates localised pressure and pain.

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Science of treatment.

Here is the ‘sciency’ bit – Osteopaths use clinical and medical training, both to discover the underlying causes of pain and to carry out treatment using MANUAL THERAPY . This is a combination of soft tissue massage, stretching, mobilisation (mobilization), electrotherapy and manipulation, where appropriate, to help improve the range of joint movement and general joint function. This is a much more advanced form of ‘sports therapy”. Many Osteopaths have started as a sports therapist, before taking the much more advanced training as an Osteopath.

Advice may be given, where appropriate, regarding the use of pharmaceuticals, creams, lotions and so on. We will also give you advice of when to use heat treatment or ice treatment and when to use both!

Back to training.

Training can be a way of life. It can play a huge part in stress relief, weight control and our general health.

Our goal is to get you better as quickly and effectively as possible, with the advice and treatment you deserve!

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