Stress at work

  • 9th September 2015

Are you fed up with pain at work?
Almost everyone gets back or neck pain at some point in their lives. There is something you can do about it. Gentle neck and shoulder exercises can relieve stress. Stretching your lower back by pulling one knee up to your chest at a time may also help.
Manual work inevitably carries the inherent risk of injury caused by heavy and often awkward lifting and over stretching. Periods of prolonged bending may cause back and disc injuries, sciatica, and muscle strains. Stretch regularly, like you would before a work out. You look after your tools so look after yourself!
In the office where computer work is more common, there are the dangers of ‘computer hump’ and ‘mouse wrist’ or other repetitive strain injuries (RSI) , whilst frequent telephone use affects the neck and shoulders causing headaches, carpal tunnel syndrome and so on. So make sure that your ankles, knees and hips all are at 90 degrees when you are sitting.

Adjust your seat so your elbow bends to 90 degrees when you rest you hand on the desk. Try having a 20 minute walk at lunch time.
The secret is to think about stretching to counter the movements that you do at work. If you are not sure then call us for a chat.
The Bodycare Clinic offers a corporate company scheme. We can offer advice and assessments. tailored to you and your company, for details please either:
Call us at our Crawley Osteopathy Clinic – 01293 533082
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More useful tips
Frequent short breaks away from the desk and computer will help avoid back, neck and eye strain.
Use a keyboard and mouse if you have a laptop.
Make sure if you are driving that you make time to stop, get out and do some brisk exercise for a few minutes every so often on a long journey.
Set your driving position to support your back so you are not ‘laying down’ or ‘sitting bolt upright’ during your journey.
When lifting at work judge whether you can do this safely or whether you need help. Never be afraid to ask for assistance when objects are heavy or awkward.

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