What to expect..?

  • 18th November 2015
first visit

Patients can get a little nervous or confused about what to expect and why things happen when they come to the clinic.

Please remember, whilst in the clinic, the Osteopath has undergone extensive medical training and should be thought of as a health care professional.

They will also be asked a number of different questions and examined in areas that are not always expected.

So , here’s why.

Asking questions.

When you come along for treatment you may be asked lots of questions, they may not always be apparent as to why.

For example, a woman’s Gynaecological history can have an affect on lower back pain. Many women complain that their pain is worse just before or during their period.

A lower back problem may be due to a strained ankle(think about a chair with a wobbly leg) or depression and tension may lead to neck and shoulder strain or headaches.

It is important to make sure that we fully investigate your medical history, because this may have an effect on what we do or how we manage your condition.

During this initial stage, we are also making sure that there is nothing “underlying or problem and you are suitable for treatment.

This process is called “screening” and is similar in some ways to “TRIAGE”.

Taking a look at you

It is normal to examine you in a state of undress. Usually similar to beech wear.

This is so we can have a look at your posture and see how you move.

This can be a little nerve racking but is normal. We need to look at you!

For example, your posture may cause head aches or back pain or both. Poor abdominal muscle tone or a tight chest can make the lower back or neck worse.

We need to see what is wrong and so give you the right effective advice and treatment.

Asking you to move.

We may ask you to move around or bend. This is again normal and is part of the examination.


Different areas of your body may be treated that are not necessarily pain full.

This is because we are treating the “cause” of the problem as well as your symptoms.

This can be a little confusing for patients but it is why we “treat the whole body”.

“But I still have another 5 minutes……………….”

Treatment is a process and is specific. It has a start middle, and end. It takes us as long as it takes.

You are paying us to treat you, doing too much can make you worse!

Relaxing or therapeutic massage can be booked for 30 or 60 mins.

Asking questions.

If you have any questions about your treatment please ask us.